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Through reflecting on our own stories alongside the stories of women in Scripture, we will explore the particular ways that women run from and avoid God and how to foster real, life-giving change.

Repentance Redefined

Women, Wisdom, and the Word

I Dare You: Giving up busyness, daring to be still

We follow three women of Scripture: Sarah, Hannah, and Mary of Bethany as they grow in their lives with God.  Through these stories, our own reflective creativity, and group sharing, we will open our own lives to transformation.

Through the stories of women in Scripture alongside our own, we will explore our deep resistance to stillness.  As we dare stillness together, we will learn how to receive and tend what arises: the pain, potential, dreams and gifts hidden within our own souls.

Leadership development/team building:

Rooted in Tradition, Growing through Imagination

Through reflecting on the stories of Scripture alongside our own, we will begin to remember who we are and listen together and with holy imagination for the new work God is doing in the moment.


To Bless the Darkness

We will reflect on our own stories alongside five differently shaped moments of creative darkness from Scripture: Creation, the Exodus, the Incarnation, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection.

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10/29 - Radio interview, Midday Connection, 12pm (CT)

Please contact me if you are interested in talking about a Fall/Winter 2012 event, retreat or conference. I am also available to attend your book club or study via Skype. Contact me for more details:  janetdavisonline@gmail.com