spiritual direction


Janet’s great passion is spiritual direction. With her preference and giftedness for listening, Janet often teaches through asking thought-provoking questions.  She invites individuals to experience the wisdom God has already planted within their own lives. Though unusually challenging to consider, for those who will, the fruit of their labor often yields unprecedented growth and freedom. 

As she works with women in particular, Janet operates from the premise that, for far too long, women have not been challenged deeply by many Christian teachers and educational materials because their feminine souls have been poorly understood.  Making a new assumption, namely that women sin and grow in very different ways than men, Janet raises unique, difficult, and growth inducing questions for women. 

Janet offers direction in-person, via phone, and Skype.

Email Janet for more information about Leadership Development, Spiritual Direction,  Spiritual Retreats, and Speaking: janetdavisonline@gmail.com